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In this company, we always aimed at having a multi-cultural and multi-national team, to embrace and understand and appreciate diversity. During the years, our team has included people from Romania, Latvia, Belgium, UK, USA and other countries. Many of us are also a little bit Polish, Canadian or Russian. Some dream of independent states within their countries – like Transylvania and Crete. But overall, regàrdless of whether we are physically located in Athens, Leuven or other parts of the world, today We Are The Greeks.

We are the Greeks that enjoy doing the dirty job and work hard until the job gets done.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know: Doing business as usual!


During the last days (or even weeks) we receive a number of kind inquiries from friends, colleagues, customers and collaborators around the world, asking us about the current situation in Greece and how this affects our work. The answer is simple: No matter what happens outside the Agro-Know office in Athens, we are doing business as usual!

The Agro-Know team, having the flexibility of operational bases in both Greece and Belgium, is working full speed on various tasks, just before our summer holidays begin:

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Demographics of Agro-Know – May 2015 version


Topic of this blog post was requested by some members of the Agro-Know team. Indeed, working  and assembling all the data together we could see what are those human resources that we so often refer to. The Admin team collects basic information about the team members in order to extract useful analytics.

Agro-Know’s population sums up to 25 people at the moment; a number that is changing mostly due to the acquisition of new team members. You can see some statistical data on who we are and what we look like in the graphs right below.


As one can see, the Agro-Know team consists of members with different educational background and expertise.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know Admin Department at a Glance

The Admin (Admin) is one of the four Agro-Know Departments. Since 2009 Admin team in Agro-Know is evolving and growing inside and together with Agro-Know itself. Our fours teams are supporting Agro-Know in all its businesses:

1) Office management. For the last 1.5 years we are having two offices with 25 people working in them full-time or part-time. Office management team is supporting all the logistics, secretary works, provisions of consumables etc. In two words – keeping the everyday work environment and work process smooth and flawless. Athina Makri undertakes all these tasks and many more.

2) Project Management Office. Probably the oldest admin team with its rules, workflows, etc. … Click to read the full post

The Agro-Know Project Management Department at a Glance


Since 2008, Agro-Know has been directly involved in about eighteen (18) EU-funded projects related to the management of agricultural information, in the context of which it has worked on solving data interoperability problems and developing data products. In this context, it has collaborated with European leaders in agricultural research such as the Wageningen UR (Netherlands), the French Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), the International Center for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS, Denmark), and the Council for Agricultural Research (Italy). Agro-Know has also received consultancy and implementation contracts from organisations such as the University of Alcala (Spain), Michigan State University (USA), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA, Jordan).… Click to read the full post

Insights on the Agro-Know blog

Agro-Know Blog - Comparison 1st & 2nd half of 2014 featured image

It has only been two months since I started my internship here at Agro-Know and I have already realized how important, as a communicational tool, the company’s blog is. One of the jobs that I am in charge of is to evaluate the progress that Agro-Know’s blog is making in terms of the outreach and dynamic that it has within the community. After some consideration, we decided to externalize a part of this process and let our audience to get a sneak peek at some of the results of our evaluation. Hence, the following infographic illustrates a comparison between specific metrics of the first and second half of 2014, offering this way a good overview of our blog’s progress.… Click to read the full post

Christmas at Agro-Know


As you probably already know, the Agro-Know Christmas party took place on the 19th of December, but at Agro-Know we never skip a chance to celebrate and have fun with our colleagues and friends.

As we also did last year, on the Christmas Eve we had a special – unofficial – party for all of us who where left behind, working, “holding down the fort”. Only a few of us where here and at lunch time we all gathered in the kitchen to celebrate and eat the most common greek fast food, souvlaki. Of course, there is no party without alcohol so wine (produced by Thodoris family) was also available.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Team Meeting in Athens

Well, we had another visit from FAO during the previous week. More specifically, Fabrizio Celli from the FAO AGRIS team was here on October 16th (right after his participation in the SemaGrow 5th project meeting) for one more time in order to exchange our views concerning the next steps of AGRIS Web Service. It was a real pleasure for us!! Various meetings were held with the whole AGRIS Team (old and new members – – Nikos Manolis, me & Giorgos Papoutsis as well as our new colleague in the data team Patrycja Weronika Wosiecka –) during the day and interesting outcomes and action plans for the next months came up.… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Meet Stauros Gkinis

Stauros at a basketball game (left) and having fun at bouzoukia (right)

When I went through the short interviews of the AK team members taken so far (and published through the blog), I realized that the technical team was not well-represented…and the last person interviewed from this team (Thodoris Mathioudakis) only provided his feedback after he left the AK team! So I decided that I will need to  go after the remaining AK members of the technical team and try to get their responses as well. In this context, I have the pleasure to present to you Mr. Stauros Gkinis, one of the initial team members of the technical team (and probably the tallest now!), who had some interesting things to share with us – unfortunately he did not reveal too much!… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Agro-Know behind the scenes


Just to differ from Vassilis’s posts and his “Know Agro-Know” series,
here are some basic tips for those being in Agro-Know!

1. There is always one extra capsule for the espresso machine, as long as you know where to search (kudos to Theodore);
note: no I am not referring to the decaffeinated shown in the picture
2. We like to keep everything and we want them organized
3. Something more than just values and value of the month (I can do it)
4. News from the community, for your free (?) time
5. There is always some chewing gum or caramels in some office, but you have to know the right office 😉
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