Know Agro-Know: Meet Panagiotis Siokas


It has only been a few days since our new intern joined us and we really don’t know much about him. Panagiotis Siokas, a web developer that we gladly welcomed in our team, will stay with us for his 3-month internship. It’s about time to get to know him.

You are the latest intern to join the Agro-Know team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agro-Know job opening ?

I found Agro-Know via Atlas, an online internship research tool for senior students. Although I had a few other interviews for an internship, what really draw my attention and decided that Agro-Know was the one for me was, first their purpose as a company, and second the work environment.… Click to read the full post

Reflections on my internship in Agro-Know


The moment I wrote this post, I have already been a member of Agro-Know family for 7 months, the first three of them, part of the Agro-Know internship program. This post was supposed to be written long time ago (it had to be about the reflections on my internship!) but the heavy workload and many tasks that were running didn’t let me to. To be honest, an unofficial reason for which I postponed to write this post, is that I couldn’t decide from where to start and which are the main reasons that I love to work for Agro-Know – there are a lot.… Click to read the full post

Lessons learned from my internship in Agro-Know


The Environment and the People

From July 2014 till October 2014, I had the opportunity to work in Agro-Know as part of an internship program, working on the Global Water Pathogen project. The project involves developing an open access online platform for all related information on pathogens in water.

Although this is the second time that I have worked in a company, it is the first time that I have worked in such a positive business environment. While bosses can be very strict and distanced and you have to importune them for a meeting since their time is very limited, I found here a totally different case.… Click to read the full post