Agro-Know December All-Hands Session & Christmas party – 2014 edition


AK_logo_XmasFollowing the Agro-Know tradition, December is the month where the last Agro-Know All-Hands session for the year takes place but this time the session is followed by the Agro-Know Christmas party!  It was also one month But let’s take things from the beginning:

The last All-Hands session for 2014 started at about 12.00; even though we missed some people from our team (due to them being on annual leaves) we had pretty high participation. It included presentations from the Agro-Know Execs, on topics including the Agro-Know Vision & Mission, the Agro-Know Values, Strategy for 2015, Discussion on the Goals and Metrics for 2015 etc.… Click to read the full post

The Agro-Know Christmas party – 2013 edition

One of the Agro-Know family traditions is the Christmas party, usually taking place at the AK offices during the last Friday before Christmas. It is an opportunity for colleagues to get in a festive mood and share their home-made sweet and savory specialties with the rest, while the AK admin dept. makes sure that there are enough drinks and snacks for everyone.  The participants are not limited to the AK team members but also external collaborators and close friends of AK are invited.

This year, things were a little bit different: The party would start at the AK office on Friday 20/12, early afternoon and would continue at Kimolia Art cafe, the cozy coffee place managed by Nikos Pal.… Click to read the full post