Know Agroknow: Meet Nikos Toumaras

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Coming back to those team members who usually stay outside the spotlight but still go through a learning process through their participation in the Agroknow team; they learn from us and we learn from them! Nikos Toumaras is one of the last persons who decided to do their internship in Agroknow and get some first-hand experience of the competitive market in which Agroknow is activated. Nikos is working closely with the Admin Dept. of Agroknow and gains experience by helping solve real-world issues. Let’s see what Nikos has responded to our questions.


You are one of the latest interns to join the Agroknow team.
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Know Agroknow: Meet Nikos Marianos

Marianos with a suit

This time we are going to learn more about Nikos Marianos, one of the oldest members of the Agroknow team – and not age-wise! Nikos is our Project Management Director and has already successfully managed a high number of EU-funded projects. FYI, Nikos is holding a BSc, an MSc and a PhD from the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of Aegean, Greece – on top of that he holds a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), which makes him the ideal person for the specific position.

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