300 blog posts and counting!

Blue is everywhere

The Agro-Know blog started by the end of 2013, after a discussion I had with Nikos; I have already shared some parts of the story here and we have already celebrated the 100th one (but we missed the 200th in the meantime…). Today we are celebrating the 300th post on the Agro-Know blog!

300 blog post image

Yes, sometime we feel like the Spartans :-)

I am personally proud of the Agro-Know blog, as I have devoted a significant amount of time and effort in setting it up, shaping it, making it look beautiful (in terms of theme and user interface), administering it (backing up everything, moderating posts, installing and updating plugins etc.) but most of all making sure that fresh and interesting content is published on a periodic basis.… Click to read the full post

Insights on the Agro-Know blog

Agro-Know Blog - Comparison 1st & 2nd half of 2014 featured image

It has only been two months since I started my internship here at Agro-Know and I have already realized how important, as a communicational tool, the company’s blog is. One of the jobs that I am in charge of is to evaluate the progress that Agro-Know’s blog is making in terms of the outreach and dynamic that it has within the community. After some consideration, we decided to externalize a part of this process and let our audience to get a sneak peek at some of the results of our evaluation. Hence, the following infographic illustrates a comparison between specific metrics of the first and second half of 2014, offering this way a good overview of our blog’s progress.… Click to read the full post

Hire The Boss (to do your dirty blog analytics job)

That's the story, morning glory.

It was almost a year ago when I challenged Agro-Know’ers to do something that was considered unthinkable and unspeakable: to Hire The Boss to do their dirty jobs. Despite my mythical blog post on this, people still look at me in a strange way and laugh when I knock on their doors to get hired. Although about 10 people have already hired me for about half a day to do something for them that completely tires or bores them, it still seems that there are team members that are not really convinced that I can deliver some serious work if they hire me. … Click to read the full post

The Agro-Know blog celebrates its first year: Achievements & Challenges

The Agro-Know blog is now one year old! It started as an idea more than one year ago, by the end of November 2013, after a relaxed discussion between Nikos Manouselis (Agro-Know CEO) and me over a cup of coffee in a cafe near the Agro-Know offices. We discussed about how useful it would be for us to find a way to expose all these nice things that we are working on in Agro-Know and since I had some experience in blogging (I have been blogging since 2007 for personal purposes and 2011 for professional ones) I was the perfect candidate for this exercise.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know internal training: Using the Agro-Know blog


Following up on the AK trainings’ topic, my time came for organizing and delivering a seminar to my colleagues. The seminar was about using our WordPress-based blog (the one that you are reading now!), in an effort for me to persuade my colleagues to start sharing their news and updates through this corporate blog. The effort for delivering the course was a long story but for several reasons it was always postponed. This time we managed to organize everything in only a couple of days and yesterday I found myself presenting my slides before nine of my colleagues who expressed interest in attending the seminar – I would like to thank each one of them for their interest in the specific training.… Click to read the full post

About the Agro-Know blog: First six months

Visits per country

Well, it seems that it has been about six months since the Agro-Know blog was launched. Since the previous report there have been a lot of new posts and comments as well as activity in general. I am always interested in getting a little bit of the statistics / analytics of the blog, so I took some time to go through them and make a short presentation. It seems that since November 2013 the blog features 86 blog posts from 9 different authors and 74 comments. It has received more than 3,700 visits and 7,300 pageviews from about 1,700 unique visitors coming from 96 different countriesClick to read the full post

About the Agro-Know blog: First three months

Visits to the AK blog from the top-10 countries

It was about three months ago (middle of November 2013) when we had a discussion with Nikos Manouselis about various AK-related stuff and I was delighted to hear that he was thinking of starting our corporate blog – not only that, but he would leave everything to me to design and implement. It seems that Nikos has been following my blog (http://vprot.blogspot.gr) for the last months, he liked it and he would like to see something similar for AK.

In about 10 days we had everything up and running, with the precious technical help of my colleague Stauros Gkinis: the latest version of WordPress was installed in one of the AK-owned servers and an FTP was setup for installing themes and plugins.… Click to read the full post