Goodbye to my Agro-Know family

Almost one month ago I took a very difficult decision of moving out of Agro-Know and pursue my professional career elsewhere. After two years being part of the team, I now believe that I have fulfilled my circle in the company and is time to move on. But throughout the month, I was thinking on how much I would miss the company.

It all started two years ago when on April first 2013 (yes, on the April Fool’s day) I joined the company for the first time. As time was passing, I was more and more connected with the people here, actually living one of our values, being part of a “family”.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know at Net Futures 2015


NetFutures2015_logoNet Futures 2015 is an event organized by the European Commission between 25-26 of March 2015 at Brussels, Belgium. The event aims to maximize the competitiveness of the European technology industry by creating an interconnected community involving companies, organizations and people in:

  • Research & Innovation;
  • Market Validation & Living Lab Research;
  • Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy;
  • Policy Making

The event is expected to attract more than 700 participants,  both from the public and the private sector, as well as from the European Commission.

Our Project Manager Andreas Drakos will be attending the event and will present the concept of the Organic-AgriWare project, one of the latest EU-funded projects that Agro-Know participates in.… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Meet Andreas Drakos

This time we are going to learn more about Andreas Drakos, one of the newest members of the AK team! FYI, Andreas is holding a BSc and PhD from the  Department of Telecommunications Science and Technology of the University of Peloponnese, Greece.
1. When did you join the Agro-Know team? Any interesting story behind your recruitment?
Well, I am one of the new “guys” having joined only last April, but I already feel not only like being here for a long time.
I could definitely remember two things about my recruitment:
-first interview in AK offices, me being fashionable on time and instead of the interview (which was delayed), participating in a small meeting in the kitchen for the agINFRA user content meeting
-my first day in the offices being April Fools’ Day and thinking if at the end of the day they would say it was just a joke