agINFRA 6th project meeting

agINFRA_logo_newThe 6th meeting of the agINFRA project was organized by Agro-Know and took place between 11-13/6/2014 at the premises of the Apivita Experience store (Hippocrates Lecture Hall), in the center of Athens, Greece. In this relaxing and refreshing environment, the project partners had the opportunity to meet a few months before the end of the project and discuss about the ongoing work, the pending issues and the necessary revisions to be made in some of the planned activities and aspects, based on the feedback received in the meantime.

Skipping the details, I personally found really interesting the introduction of some new case studies which were presented, based on the requirements identified and collected during the previous months.… Click to read the full post

City to farm project: Right values go beyond any tool



Bringing people from different sectors and disciplines is one of my favorite parts in the events that we are organizing and participating. Especially when such events include people that have real problems and great experience in the agro-food sector this becomes an opportunity. This was the case with the first event of the City to Farm (Apo tin poli ston agro) project. The City to Farm was conceived as a project that can help people to set up a sustainable agricultural activity/business. The project was launched with an event that took place in a rural area, namely the Platystomo which is located in the central Greece, 270 kms north of Athens.… Click to read the full post