Reflections on my internship in Agro-Know


The moment I wrote this post, I have already been a member of Agro-Know family for 7 months, the first three of them, part of the Agro-Know internship program. This post was supposed to be written long time ago (it had to be about the reflections on my internship!) but the heavy workload and many tasks that were running didn’t let me to. To be honest, an unofficial reason for which I postponed to write this post, is that I couldn’t decide from where to start and which are the main reasons that I love to work for Agro-Know – there are a lot.… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Meet Athina Makri


This time we have a special interview, as our “victim” is the first intern to make it to Agro-Know in the context of the Internship Programme that we publish every now and then. Athina Makri is currently supporting the AK Admin department and facilitates the existing processes with her experience and energy! She was kind enough to share information about herself with the Agro-Know team through a detailed email and she was also kind enough to provide her feedback to our usual questions, which follow in the form of a mini-interview.


1. You are the first intern to join the AK team so this makes you one of a kind!Click to read the full post