RDA 3rd Plenary Meeting – Day 1

Just before the launch of the 3rd RDA Plenary Meeting

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) took place between 26-28/3/2014 in Dublin Ireland. It was my 2nd participation in a row to an RDA plenary meeting and I managed to organize my trip (even at the last moment) and be there. It was not an easy trip, as I had to travel to Dublin from Athens on a Greek national holiday/celebration but still it had to be done. The trip itself was nice, reaching Dublin through Copenhagen (with SAS) and on my way back reaching Athens through Frankfurt with Lufthansa. It was my first time in Dublin but due to the packed schedule of the meeting and the moody weather I did not get to see anything outside my 20 min walk from the hotel to the meeting place (at lovely Croke Park) and back.

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