Join our Webinar@AIMS: How AKstem supports the AGRIS network

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FreeWebinars@AIMS(1)We are happy to announce, thanks to our dearest colleagues from AIMS team Karna and Thembani, the webinar dedicated to our AKStem service and AGRIS Data processing!

The aim of the webinar is to present the new online service desk powered by the AKstem service that facilitates the submission of AGRIS data provider’s collections to AGRIS, providing an improved interaction with AGRIS data processing unit. Additionally, in this webinar we are presenting the ways and methods that AGRIS data providers can contribute their bibliographic information (metadata) to AGRIS. The webinar is addressing to both new and old AGRIS data providers, as it will be an opportunity to gain a better understanding on the new service and its functionalities.… Click to read the full post

Be among the first ones that will get a free micro-site for their journals!


A very hot August is almost round the corner, but Agro-Know is in full throttle working on the next release of our product. Our team is working on a service that will automatically set up a customised micro-site for institutions that make their bibliography available through AKstem to channels like FAO’s AGRIS.

We want to provide to agriculture, food and forestry journals with a simple and intuitive way to present their content to interested audiences, helping the process of searching and navigating through the publications.

We do so by setting up a dedicated micro-site that presents access to the publications of a specific journal or publisher.… Click to read the full post

Text and data mining (TDM) in agri-food research


A wealth of published research outcomes is currently publicly available (mostly thanks to the really active Open Access initiatives and mandates that keep finding ways to open up even more research data); however, at the same time, researchers are still facing a challenge when seeking for specific elements of a research publication that would support their own research, such as an image, a diagram or a dataset related to a specific topic, such as crop disease, within the scientific literature. Indeed, such components are currently embedded in various types of publications and cannot be identified, described and retrieved as individual entities.… Click to read the full post

Building innovation using open data and source


Back in 1995, at the time that I was studying in the high school in Lamia, it was a dream of all the locals to have an University Department on sciences such as Computer and Informatics. 20 years later,  the Department of Computer science and Biomedical Informatics, University of Thessaly is there, with great professors and bright students that are doing great work moving this dream even further.

One month ago, the IEEE University of Thessaly student branch invited our team to give a talk about the open data and source in agrifood sector at the 6th Open Data and Source Workshop that was organised in Lamia.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Strategy Meeting Days 2 and 3


Tuesday 10/03/2015 and Wednesday 11/03/2015  at Agro-Know Offices

Tuesday and Wednesday were two days full of tech discussions. Our AGRIS’ Teams from UN FAO, CAAS and Agro-Know, gathered to share ideas and resolve some issues concerning the AGRIS web platform.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to what users need from the AGRIS interface. Many users expressed (in AGRIS survey) the desire to keep track of the records they search and retrieve, it is easier to search in an oriented area of personally stored information than to do the process of searching from scratch, every time information is needed to be recalled.… Click to read the full post

Brief report on the outcomes of the AGRIS e-consultation

AGRIS survey graph 1

The AGRIS e-consultation survey was conducted from November 2014 (that became also the first announcement to our blog) until the 12th of February 2015 with the support of the UN FAO. The AGRIS team wanted to recive the feedback from the AGRIS web portal users in order to get useful information about their real needs and use the results for the further development of AGRIS.

We would really like to thank all the participants of this survey that spent some of their time to evaluate the AGRIS web portal and its services through the short questionnaire. Their answers gave us a really good outcome.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Strategy Meeting Day One: 09/03/2015

Photo from the AGRIS Strategy Meeting

Today I had the pleasure to finally meet Dr. Sun Wei and Dr. Xiang Guojian, both researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), two very kind personalities and warm people. I also had the chance to get to know better Fabrizio Celli from UN FAO. The purpose of our gathering was to define the scope of our daily meetings  for the rest of the week, to collaborate and join our forces for a common goal which is to evolve the AGRIS Network and create effective services according to our users needs and offer more structured, simplified and professional procedures for AGRIS users and content providers.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know hosts the AGRIS strategy meeting with FAO & CAAS


Agro-Know is really glad to host the upcoming AGRIS strategy meeting at its offices. The meeting will take place between 9-13 of March 2015 and will include members of the AGRIS Steering Committee (FAO, CAAS and Agro-Know) who will spend the next days working collaboratively on topics that will formulate the next steps of AGRIS. This is expected to include the outcomes of the AGRIS e-Consultation Survey that ran over the previous months and will built on the previous AGRIS meeting that was also hosted by Agro-Know last October, following up the announcement of the new AGRIS Partnership on September 2014.… Click to read the full post

Friends of Agro-Know: Fabrizio Celli (FAO)


This time we have the pleasure to interview a long-time friend and collaborator, Fabrizio Celli from UN FAO. Fabrizio is currently one of the most active members of the FAO AGRIS team and the person responsible for ensuring the technical operation of the AGRIS network. Fabrizio is a regular visitor of Agro-Know, mostly for getting in touch with the rest of the team working on the AGRIS operation and development. We took advantage of Fabrizio’s latest visit to the Agro-Know offices some days ago and we asked him for a short interview; an offer that he gladly accepted. You can find Fabrizio’s responses right below!… Click to read the full post