Friends of Agro-Know: Meet Dr. Sridhar Gutam


The Friends of Agro-Know series is a series of interviews with people that Agro-Know has either already worked with, or would like to work with in the future. Dr. Sridhar Gutam falls into the latter category; he is a person really actively involved in the field of open access to research outcomes and data as well as an active contributor to related global initiatives, such as the Agriculture Data Interest Group (IGAD) of the Research Data Alliance and CIARD, among others.

Dr. Gutam was kind enough to accept our request to a short interview for the Agro-Know blog, and you can see his responses right below:

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Friends of Agro-Know: Dr. Guntram Geser


When I got first involved in the agINFRA project, I kept hearing the name of a man called Guntram Geser. As the project was in its initial steps, a lot of work was done in the context of identification of user requirements and analysis of the existing status in several sections, such as the agricultural data sources – and most (if not all) of this work was prepared and delivered by Guntram Geser. Not only I was curious to meet Dr. Geser (and I actually got the opportunity some months later), but I also used his work as a basis for other related deliverables of the agINFRA project, which had to do with the methodology of the data integration as well as the description of the data sources to be integrated in the agINFRA grid- and cloud- based services and the linked agricultural data infrastructure.… Click to read the full post