Using competences & skills as the link between job offers and training opportunities


One of the key aspects of the market is to provide accurate links between the actual needs of the market and the training opportunities available in terms of skills and competences. In an ideal system, businesses will be able to describe their job offerings though a well-defined schema (including skills and competences needed for this position) and at the same time, individuals who want to apply for the specific position will be able to see if they meet the requirements defined by the business or if they need to improve their profile by taking specific courses that address the specific competences and skills of the specific position.… Click to read the full post

Help us better serve the Food Safety Capacity Building community in just 3 steps

The GFSP Demonstrator

As you may already know, Agro-Know is a member of the the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) and has developed an Open Source Platform for meeting the needs of the Food Safety Capacity Building community – called the GFSP Demonstrator. The demonstrator provides access to quality capacity building resources (such as training courses, research resources and OER) on various food safety topics from various content providers, including the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO), the Food Safety Knowledge Network (FSKN), the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), one of the 15 CGIAR Research Centers.… Click to read the full post