Agro-Know goes Terra Madre 2014


GreenLearningNetwork_logoAs far as I remember myself working for Agro-Know (since early 2010), autumn was usually the busiest period of the year including the preparation of deliverables, review meetings and trips; a lot of them! In this context, my colleague Katerina Galani is currently at the lovely Pollenzo, Bra, Italy, participating in the 3rd Transnational meeting of the Green Learning Network project, which takes place between October 21-23, 2014. Agro-Know is one of the project partners of GLN and never misses an opportunity to actively participate in the project meetings.

It is not the first time that Agro-Know visits Pollenzo, this small, beautiful traditional village; it was back in 2012 when Agro-Know (with a little help from our friends and support from various related EU projects) organized Green Ideas 2012 there along with the Workshop on Agricultural Education, Methods, Practices & Technologies, a combination of green educational and creativity activities.… Click to read the full post

The ‘Green Learning Network’ Google hangout – How to better engage your webinar audience?

At the end of November I had the pleasure to facilitate the first Open Discovery Space (ODS) webinar and deliver a presentation on our recent work carried out for the Green Learning Network (GLN). ODS is a European funded project that started in April 2012 with the aim to empower stakeholders use, production and assessment of educational resources and activities through a single, integrated access point. In the context of the project, a series of webinars are being organised to foster a dialogue between various learners, educators, researchers and policy makers to promote the project and its outcomes.

The Green Learning Network (GLN) webinar was the first in this series of webinars.… Click to read the full post