Building the new European e-infrastructure: Your opinion matters!


We have been following the updates and ongoing joint work (and plans for the future) of the major European networks in developing the European Open Science Cloud; it is a really ambitious effort that aims at providing all the necessary cloud, grid and other types of services to researchers in any discipline and research field so that they become more easily accessible and useful to their expected end users – the researchers. This process exhibits a high level of complexity, as it involves different types of stakeholders while it also needs to take into consideration the differences in the requirements of research communities activated in different contexts/domains.… Click to read the full post

EGI Conference 2015: An opportunity for facilitating infrastructure in the agri-food research context


EGI_Conference_2015_posterThe 2015 EGI (European Grid Infrastructure) Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal, between May 18-22, 2015. The Conference a business track covering a variety of topics, including agriculture. In this context, during the last two days of the Conference, dedicated sessions (including both presentations and interactive sessions/discussions) on supporting SMEs and the full innovation chain between business and academia through the EGI outcomes and infrastructure. The aim of these sessions were to present use cases from various sectors, highlighting how open data and technical services can be used for creating opportunities for a wide variety of stakeholders (including SMEs like Agro-Know).… Click to read the full post

Data infrastructures in the service of the agricultural community


On the 2nd of September 2014, it was the first major deadline of the European Research Infrastructures of the H2020. Following up on the previous and current work of Agro-Know in data infrastructures, we participated in a number of different project proposals, trying to exploit the different activities to continue on building infrastructure services for the agricultural community, partnering with major research organisations like the EGI, APARSEN and ATHENA R.C. Some of these proposals are EGI-ENGAGE, DPInfra and OpenMinTed – we hope that we’ll soon be able to present them in more details.




But why communities as the agricultural, the food safety or the biodiversity are interested in such projects and what do they have to earn?Click to read the full post

European Union Delegation on Research Infrastructure to Australia

Few months ago, on the first days of November, I had the chance to visit Australia as part a European Union Delegation on Research Infrastructure representing the agINFRA project. The visit aimed to strengthen the collaboration between EU and Australia, compare different approaches in research infrastructure and establish or extent bilateral contacts and cooperation arrangements between the initiatives on subjects of world-wide interest.

The delegation was composed of representatives from funding authorities, stakeholder organisations and key Research Infrastructure initiatives covering diverse – but related – fields and was led by Octavi Quintana-Trias, the director of European Research Area (DG Research and Innovation, EC), which a pleasure and an honor to meet.… Click to read the full post