DBpedia goes Agro-Know


DBpediaFor those working with linked open data, DBpedia does not need an introduction; for the rest, DBpedia is one of the largest linked open datasets available – the DBpedia dataset consists of 103 million RDF triples and is interlinked with other open datasets.

The DBpedia project focuses on the task of converting Wikipedia content into structured knowledge, such that Semantic Web techniques can be employed against it — asking sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, linking it to other datasets on the Web, or creating new applications or mashups. I will skip the more technical details on how this is achieved; you can find more information here.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Team Meeting in Athens

Well, we had another visit from FAO during the previous week. More specifically, Fabrizio Celli from the FAO AGRIS team was here on October 16th (right after his participation in the SemaGrow 5th project meeting) for one more time in order to exchange our views concerning the next steps of AGRIS Web Service. It was a real pleasure for us!! Various meetings were held with the whole AGRIS Team (old and new members – – Nikos Manolis, me & Giorgos Papoutsis as well as our new colleague in the data team Patrycja Weronika Wosiecka –) during the day and interesting outcomes and action plans for the next months came up.… Click to read the full post

Open data worldwide: The road is open – the challenge is ahead

We often refer to open access and open data through our projects, events and other activities. For example, AK-related projects like agINFRA and SemaGrow are working on open and linked agricultural data of various types and formats, a task that has proven to be hard but not impossible, even at large scales (and this is where SemaGrow shines!). Only during the last months, a high number of Conferences focusing on open access, open and linked data took place both in Greece in the context of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union (like the European Data Forum 2014, SEMIC 2014ICRI 2014 and of course the joint OpenAIRE/COAR Conference) as well as at global level, such as the Open Repositories 2014 Conference in Helsinki, Finland and the SPARC 2014 Conference at Kansas City, USA, just to name a few.… Click to read the full post

Towards a data-powered world: should we expect the agri-food sector to change?

Guess who else was interested in the G-8 event...

There has been quite a discussion during the past few months on the way that the big data trend and evolution is going to change the sector that we work with. During 2013, our work that was very traditionally described as “agricultural knowledge management” and that sounded extremely uninteresting to several people, has suddenly become part of a hype. Some of the things that have served as catalysts include:

a) The decision that the G-8 Summit took in 2012, to commit to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, as the next phase of a shared commitment to achieving global food security.… Click to read the full post