Working on a data-powered product for the agri-food sector


As you may have already noticed, we are currently working on a data-powered product for the agri-food sector. Indeed, a number of people from the Agro-Know team have joined forces and are in the process of defining the specs and a first draft of a web-based solution that will allow users to better manage and disseminate their agri-food data. To be more precise, what we are currently working on is an all-in-one solution that will allow people working with open agri-food data to:

  • request (and actually receive!) consultation on opening up their data based on any open data management policy.
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Will you be the godfather of our new agri-food data-powered solution?


This is a different blog post and I am going to skip my usual long introductions to the subject and lengthy analyses: We have an idea and we need your help!

What we have (so far)

We are in the process of designing a data-powered solution, based on our Data Framework. What we have currently working on is a tool that will help users to (almost automatically) get help on specific topics or have data-rich microsites built for them, including the following (but not limited to them):

  • Ask for consultancy on the implementation of a given Open Access Policy (and the design of an Open Access Implementation Plan;
  • Automatic creation of a research microsite;
  • Management of multiple microsites through a single administration panel;
  • Addition of relevant resources (from specified data sources) in an existing website.
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