And the Winner of the 1st Europeana Creative Challenge is…

A few weeks ago, a small team of 4 Agro-Knowers started working on their application for the Europeana Creative
Natural History Challenge. Since in Agro-Know we already have the experience of the Natural Europe project,
successfully completed in 2013, as well as a shared interest for open data and biodiversity knowledge management, we knew that the Europeana Creative Challenge would represent the right opportunity to present and test our ideas.

For those not familiar, Europeana Creative is a EU co-funded project launched in 2013 and promoting the re-use of
cultural heritage resources by Europe’s creative industries. The Natural History track is among the first Challenges launched by Europeana Creative, with the aim to “identify, incubate and spin off into the commercial sector viable online applications based on the re-use of digital cultural heritage content accessible via Europeana“, an impressive online source of cultural heritage, from paintings, drawings and maps to newspapers, letters, music, radio broadcasts and much more.… Click to read the full post

Natural Europe project ends with a green card!


At the end of September, the Natural Europe (NE) project came to its end. The project, which started in October 2010, was a 3 year project co-funded by the European Commission under the ICT-PSP Programme. Several Agro-Know team members were actively involved in the project as members of the GRNET team, which was the coordinator of the project.

It aimed to place museum visitors in the centre of an exhibition that is both physical and virtual. Using technology, services and learning content, the project provided personalised, appealing educational experiences, changing the way museum education is perceived and conducted worldwide! The project facilitated the development of a number of museum cultural collections and educational collections, and significantly supported the educational pathways which made use of the existing educational resources from the participating museums, enriched with additional publicly available content.… Click to read the full post