Agro-Know ready for full throttle

"This is Ground Control to Major Tom"

“This is Ground Control to Major Tom”

I still remember January 2011 when I was looking at a large office with empty desks and only a couple of people working, wondering how this would look like if it ever got full with people. This time has come and already gone: the Agro-Know office at Grammou 17 is now packed, alive and vivid! For a couple of months now, finding some free working space at the Grammou office was quite an adventure, and the meeting rooms (formal and informal) have been always occupied and (looking) very busy. We tried to use some shared co-working facilities until we got a better feeling of whether the team headcount would stabilize, but this was quite difficult and not-so-productive.… Click to read the full post

Remember, remember the 6th of December!

December 6th is the name day of Nikos and a big event in Agro-Know, as there is always a significant number of Nikos’s in the team:

There is always this myth surrounding AK, according to which one has more chances to be recruited if his first name is Nikos…who knows?

This day is really special for the office; just imagine the amount of sweet and savory stuff brought to the office by all these Nikos-es for celebrating their name day and the festive atmosphere created by all these celebrating guys.… Click to read the full post