Facilitating access to educational and learning resources: Experiences so far


As you may already know this week (March 7-11) is the Open Education Week 2016 – an initiative that aims to raise awareness of free and open sharing in education and the benefits they bring to teachers and learners. The event takes place at a global level and is coordinated by the Open Education Consortium, a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on openness, including collaboration, innovation and collective development and use of open educational materials.


This was an excellent opportunity for us to write something relevant to this concept, as a small contribution to this global set of events – and it seems that the best I could think of at this point is our (as Agroknow) contributions in facilitating access to educational resources, mostly in green topics.… Click to read the full post

Open data+models for food safety: a first small step in making a really big difference

Come in, we are open

One of the great things about being part of the Knowledge & Learning Systems Working Group (KLSWG) at a private-public network like the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) is that our team (a) works with some amazing people around the world that are pioneering the way that education & training takes place today in our sector; and (b) has a unique opportunity to validate innovative tools & ideas with the people that actually do this for a living and at an important scale.

This is exactly what bright people like Paul Stacey (Associate Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons), Garin Fons (Programs Manager, Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, University of Texas at Austin), and Theresa Bernardo (Founder, One Health Knowledge Initiatives & Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Health Informatics, Michigan State University – and TEDx speaker 🙂 ) did in a concept paper that was just released for discussion & reflection among the GFSP network members.… Click to read the full post

OpenEd-powered global food safety?

It was about a year ago when I traveled to snowy Michigan in order to take part to a very interesting event that the MSUglobal team of the Michigan State University (MSU) hosted in East Lansing: the Open Knowledge for Agricultural Development Convening 2013 that the MSU, OER Africa, and The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) organized with funding by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and MSU. This was the first time that I heard about the Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) by Dr. Brian Bedard, a Senior Livestock Specialist at that time working with The World Bank.… Click to read the full post

Reflections on the ‘Opening up Education’ Panel discussions at the 10th EdReNE seminar

By Cristóbal Cobo Romaní on Flickr, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

By Cristóbal Cobo Romaní on Flickr, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Earlier this November I had the opportunity to attend the 10th EdReNe conference in Brussels organised by the European Schoolnet EUN. Among the main themes discussed at the conference was the recently launched European Commission’s ‘Opening Up Education‘ (OUE) initiative.

The highlight of the first day of the conference was, for me, the Panel discussion of OUE lead by representatives of the Irish, Danish, Portuguese, Swiss and Dutch ministries of education. The Panel discussion was preceded by the ‘Opening up Education’ presentation delivered by Ricardo Ferreira, representating the European Commission – DG Education and Culture.… Click to read the full post