Open Ag Data Alliance: Bringing interoperability, security and privacy to agricultural data


OADAOne of the most interesting initiatives that we came across recently was the Open Ag Data Alliance, an open project designed to bring interoperability, security, and privacy to agricultural data. OADA aims to define the context of the use of agricultural data produced by farmers and support the interoperability of each data source involved through the development of APIs and use of open source software, while making use of cloud services. Of course we could not but making the connection with the agINFRA project that we are actively involved in, which is also follows a similar approach. In our effort to identify some common ground for collaboration between the two projects as well as our curiosity to learn more about OADA, we contacted the team behind OADA and invited them to provide us with their feedback to our questions.… Click to read the full post

Open Sourcing Plant Seeds – The Open Source Seed Initiative & similar efforts


One of the topics that are of interest for Agro-Know, through our participation in various EU-funded projects like agINFRA and SemaGrow among others (such as the VOA3R project, which ended about one year ago), is open access. Open Access may refer to scientific and research data, open educational resources, governmental data, using Creative Commons licenses for the licensing of outcomes like publications, presentations and any other kind of documentation, linked open data etc. Through our participation in related events we try to keep up with updates in this context, get to know people who are also working in these fields and transfer this experience and updates to our projects and work.… Click to read the full post