Open Data in a Day for Business

odi athens seminar

On November 5th 2015, I had the opportunity -not to mention the pleasure- to follow my very first open data related seminar entitled “Open Data in a Day for Business”, organized by the ODI Athens node, at the premises of Epinoo.  ODI Athens logo

Working for over a year now at Agroknow, I have had an overall idea of what Open Data is all about, but this seminar seemed like the perfect opportunity to go deeper in this emerging topic. Although the audience consisted of totally different disciplines (including banking sector, public sector, freelancers and many more), there was a common ground: our need to know the “whats”, the “whys” and the “hows” of Open Data.… Click to read the full post

Το μεγαλύτερο γεγονός για τα ανοικτά δεδομένα είναι σήμερα: ODI Summit 2015


Το ODI Summit με τίτλο “Celebrating Generation Open” πραγματοποιείται σήμερα, 3/11/2015 στο Λονδίνο – και προφανώς διοργανώνεται από το Open Data Institute. Αν με ρωτήσετε (εμένα και πολλούς άλλους), πρόκειται για τη μεγαλύτερη εκδήλωση σχετική με ανοικτά δεδομένα της χρονιάς. Παγκοσμίως. Η εκδήλωση αυτή δίνει την ευκαιρία σε διάφορους συμμετέχοντες να συναντηθούν, να ανταλλάξουν απόψεις και να μοιραστούν τις εμπειρίες τους, πάντα σχετικά με τα ανοικτά δεδομένα.

Η Agro-Know είναι εκεί, με τον CEO μας Νίκο Μανουσέλη, ο οποίος ήταν ενθουσιασμένος με το αντίστοιχο event πέρυσι. Από τότε μέχρι σήμερα, είχαμε την ευκαιρία να μάθουμε καλύτερα την εξαιρετική δουλειά που κάνει το ODI – ακόμη και να δουλέψουμε μαζί τους επάνω στο GODAN Discussion Paper (δείτε επίσης εδώ).… Click to read the full post

Presentation of ODI Athens and Greek Open Data Trainers

ODI Athens logo

ODI Athens logoThe Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS/EELLAK in Greek) in the context of its collaboration with the Open Data Institute for the deployment of the ODI Athens node is co-organizing with Epinoo, a structure of the National Technical University of Athens the first open meeting for the official training program of ODI Athens. The meeting will take place today, Monday 27th of July 2015 at 17.00, at the premises of Epinoo (map).

The event will provide the opportunity to the first Greek ODI Athens open data trainers certified by ODI (those who have recently attended the Train the Trainer week-long course at the ODI premises in London) will present the training services that will be available in Greece. … Click to read the full post

My week at the ODI Train the Trainer course




So this is a visualization of my week at the Train The Trainer course of the Open Data Institute (ODI). Let me explain this visualization to you by describing all the days of this very interesting week.

On Monday we arrived at the offices of the ODI, with an excellent mood (smiley face on the diagram)  and very eager to start the course. By the way ODI premises is a really cool place with a lot of special things like dashboards with live data on the walls and the vending machine that releases packs of chips every time that a news item related to recession is recognised in the BBC news feed.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know joins the ODI Train the Trainer course on Open Data


It has only been a while since I had the pleasure to collaborate with the ODI team (among others) for the development of the GODAN Discussion Paper; now, another opportunity for collaboration between Agro-Know and ODI is in the works!

Stoitsis_GiannisMore specifically, our COO Giannis Stoitsis is traveling to the ODI premises in London next week, in order to attend the week-long Train the Trainer course which will allow him to become one of the ODI registered trainers. Giannis is going to be the one out of only two people selected by ODI Athens, one of the ODI nodes, for this specific training. … Click to read the full post

The GODAN Discussion Paper is now available

GODAN Discussion Paper

GODAN Discussion PaperThe Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative has published a Discussion Paper titled “How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?”

The Discussion Paper provides basic information on open data and the impact that open data have in different contexts, such as enabling more informed and effective decision making, creating innovation and promoting transparency that transforms the way organisations work for the better.

The Discussion Paper includes a number of use cases in which the use of open agri-food data has made an impact and improved the lives of million and aims to provide the mean for engaging agriculture and nutrition data-powered communities in discussions that will facilitate the sharing of data between data producers and consumers.… Click to read the full post

Reflections on the Greek Open Data Day 2015


Last Saturday Agro-Know joined forces with ODI Athens on a quest to answer the question “Open Data. Why?”. It was a coalition formed as part of the Open Data Day event, hosted at the beautiful building of innovathens. Agro-Know was in charge of organizing and facilitating a participatory lab on open agri-food data, titled “Open Data in the agri-food sector”. The lab was divided into two parts, namely the first one which included speeches on the role of data on agriculture and food by prominent figures of the academic, public and private sector, and the second part during which an interactive round table for the optimal utilization of open data in the agri-food sector was organized.… Click to read the full post

Impressions from the Open Data Institute (ODI) 2014 Annual Summit

ODI Summit 2014

In Agro-Know, we are right in the middle of several interesting things that are happening in relation to open data and its impact for research institutions and businesses. We are trying to help research institutions understand better and implement open research policies, by deploying an online service that will have customised offerings to help initiatives and institutions comply. We are involved in national activities that try to open up public sector data for research and innovation. We are active in the global movements that try to open up data for agriculture and nutrition. And we are advocates of the change and impact that openness will bring.… Click to read the full post