The Stevia Hellas cooperative & Agro-Know


The Stevia Hellas Coop is a cooperative of farmers in the region of Fthiotida, based in the town of Lamia (Greece). It is bringing together farmers that are cultivating Stevia as a plant that forms the basis for natural sweetener products that can substitute sugar. Their first product is called La Mia Stevia and is at the final stages of packaging and pilot distribution.

Stevia grid

Agro-Know is working closely farmer cooperatives (like Stevia Hellas Coop and the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service – DAAS) in facilitating access of the farmers to information that they need. For Stevia Hellas Coop, we will investigate how our online service can enhance the Stevia Hellas Coop web site with a micro-site that will offer to farmers a customisable and dynamic view over scientific and market information that are of relevance to stevia (at any stage of its planting, harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing) from credible sources around the world.… Click to read the full post

Organic-AgriWare at the SAF2 Pitch & Demo event


SmartAgriFoodAgro-Know is one of the just 50 top European ICT SMEs and web entrepreneurs that were selected by SmartAgriFood (SAF) to develop smart applications and services for agriculture using FIWARE technologies following a European wide call that resulted in over 150 applications. The outcome of this collaboration is Organic-AgriWare: a FIspace-powered web application (click here to access it) that aims at serving stakeholders in organic agriculture by providing them with quality information on topics of interest to them in a user-friendly format. The app is developed with the precious contributions from ICROFS and SEGES from Denmark.

These 50 SmartAgriFood beneficiaries will have the opportunity to present their work during the SAF2 Pitch & Demo event that will take place in The Hague between 16 & 17 of September – this means tomorrow and the day after!… Click to read the full post

Uplifting workshop on the FIspace offerings


FIspaceOn Wednesday, September 2, 2015, Ι was in Bremen for participating in a FIspace workshop. The workshop’s goal was to present all the FIspace offered tools to companies, in order to help them easy develop their mashups and that was successfully achieved. The logic behind the workshopwas to explain the platform’s functioning from various point of views: the developer’s, the end user’s and the business architect’s.

FIspace is the space for business collaboration under the different FIWARE accelerator programmes. In FIspace every company can develop applications called mashups which could be offered to other businesses; in this way, an “under development” company’s product can grow very fast.… Click to read the full post

Organic-AgriWare …. Organic-AgriWhat ???

organic agriware web app
search engine for farmers researchers advisors

Organic-AgriWare is our new “FIWARE funded” web application that aims to help farmers, advisors and researchers to easily discover information related to organic agriculture with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The search results are retrieved by simply tapping into icons that represent categorized content or by querying through the simple search box that comes along with facets (terms, dates, persons etc.). Do you want more ?

In addition, a user can have location-aware document recommendations on organic agriculture.

organic agriware web app search engine for farmers researchers advisors

But what, a simple pretty interface? Now is the part that I like the most. All the “under the hood” implementation is based on the FIWARE cloud technologies.… Click to read the full post

The Organic-AgriWare project takes us for a short visit in Denmark

ICROFS Headquarters at Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University, Foulum

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the outcomes of the kick-off meeting of the Organic-AgriWare project back in April was to conduct face-to-face interviews with its end-users, namely researchers, advisors and farmers of the organic agriculture community. To this end, and after a fruitful communication and planning with Mrs. Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen and Mr. Tomas Nørfelt, Maritina Stavrakaki from the Agro-Know team travelled to Aarhus, Denmark, where project partners the International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS) and the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture (SEGES) are located.

During one of the interviews.

During one of the interviews.

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Kick-off meeting of the Organic-AgriWare project

Organic-AgriWare kick-off meeting

On Wednesday 15th of April, Agro-Know hosted in Athens the kick-off meeting of the Organic-AgriWare project. Representatives from both ICROFS (Mrs. Ilse Ankjær Rasmussen and Dr. Allan Leck Jensen) and SEGES (Mr. Tomas Nørfelt) joined the meeting, which took place in AK’s headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss about the expected project’s outcomes, to decide the targeted users and potential customers and to explore the problem and solution validation methodology. Consequently, important milestones have been highlighted and clear deadlines were set, also in accordance with the nature of the project, which is divided in three phases.… Click to read the full post

Organic-AgriWare: An application for the organic agriculture community


Organic-AgriWare – an application for the organic agriculture community” (2015-2016) is a project co-funded by the SmartAgriFood and ICT-AGRI projects, funded by the European Commission’s ERA-NET scheme under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. The project aims to provide advisors and farmers with context-based access to organic community knowledge powered by the Agro-Know Stem. in association with the project partners ICROFS and SEGES.

The Organic-AgriWare project will have its kick-off meeting on 15/4/2015,  in Athens, Greece, hosted by Agro-Know.

About the project

The problem that the project is about to solve is the difficulty for organic agriculture stakeholders to access the acquired knowledge which is disperse at different online and offline locations.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know at Net Futures 2015


NetFutures2015_logoNet Futures 2015 is an event organized by the European Commission between 25-26 of March 2015 at Brussels, Belgium. The event aims to maximize the competitiveness of the European technology industry by creating an interconnected community involving companies, organizations and people in:

  • Research & Innovation;
  • Market Validation & Living Lab Research;
  • Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy;
  • Policy Making

The event is expected to attract more than 700 participants,  both from the public and the private sector, as well as from the European Commission.

Our Project Manager Andreas Drakos will be attending the event and will present the concept of the Organic-AgriWare project, one of the latest EU-funded projects that Agro-Know participates in.… Click to read the full post

New proposals & new projects – an update from the Agro-Know PM team

Spreading the good news!

What a busy period that was. Over the past days we submitted new project proposals, we started working on new projects and we got great news from evaluation results from our past proposals! But let’s take it one by one.

Over the past period we were quite busy working on some new H2020 proposals. Actually, the PM (Project Management) team, under Nikos Manouselis lead, moved to the secondary offices, our Proposal War Room, where we worked all together preparing two very different proposals.

Firstly, we were invited to join a MARIE Skłodowska-Curie Action, in an Innovative Training Network for the call of 2015 under the coordination of Aston University and our close friend Christopher Brewster (@cbrewster).… Click to read the full post