Know Agro-Know: Meet Panagiotis Siokas


It has only been a few days since our new intern joined us and we really don’t know much about him. Panagiotis Siokas, a web developer that we gladly welcomed in our team, will stay with us for his 3-month internship. It’s about time to get to know him.

You are the latest intern to join the Agro-Know team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agro-Know job opening ?

I found Agro-Know via Atlas, an online internship research tool for senior students. Although I had a few other interviews for an internship, what really draw my attention and decided that Agro-Know was the one for me was, first their purpose as a company, and second the work environment.… Click to read the full post