Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups

On Thursday, 22/5, Agro-Know attended the event “Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups”! This was an event that was co-organized by Metavallon and EIT ICT Labs, aiming to give to a group of Greek Startups the opportunity to pitch their efforts in front of a Greek and international team of experts, and to apply for a dynamic startup training session in Europe. The session started with a presentation of the work carried out by EIT ICT Labs, by Roberto Saracco. One message that I kept from Mr Saracco’s talk was that Europe is more about creating research and theory, instead of generating money and creating products for the market.… Click to read the full post

Lean AKademy – Presenting Problem/Solution Fit

On Friday, May 24th, the three teams of the Lean AKademy, presented in front of all the AK team, their outcomes of the first Lean AKademy phase! The results of the work that lasted for almost two months, from mid-March to mid-May, were presented to the rest of the AK team that had the opportunity to ask questions on the findings of our teams. More specifically, Effie & Nikos presented their idea on “Information Sharing, Exchange and Discoverability of Content by Food Safety Providers”, Elena & Thodoris presented their idea on “Supporting Multilingual Discovery Services and Visualizations on Research Data” and Babis & Stavros presented their work on “Training the Trainers on Food Safety of Agricultural Products”.… Click to read the full post