Agro-Know joins the 2nd FREME project meeting


FREME_Logo_MaintenanceFollowing the project’s kick-off meeting some months ago, the 2nd project meeting of our FREME Horizon 2020 project is taking place between September 3 & 4, at Turin, Italy. This time the meeting is hosted by Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), one of the project partners.

As usual, during the two days of the project the project partners will present the progress of the various Work Packages and discuss the next steps for the upcoming months. Our COO Giannis Stoitsis is traveling to Turin in order to participate to the meeting on behalf of Agro-Know.

In the context of the FREME project, Agro-Know is expected to contribute to the the validation of the FREME objectives, as it is one of the four (4) real business cases of the project.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know joins FREME’s kick-off meeting


The kickoff meeting of the FREME “Open Framework of E-Services for Multilingual and Semantic Enrichment of Digital Content” project,  will take place at Berlin, Germany, between 5-6 of February 2015. FREME is a project co-funded by the EC under the H2020 Framework Programme for Research & Innovation and its activities are steered towards the creation of an open innovative commercial-grade framework of the e services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. The choice of the project’s acronym is not out of chance since “freme” means “advantage, gain, benefit” in Old English. Therefore, FREME will endow digital content managers with the advantages and benefits which brings to the market.… Click to read the full post

Global Water Pathogen Project: November Newsletter

The Global Water Pathogen Project has just published Issue 1 of its Newsletter (November issue) which you may download from here (PDF). The contents of the newsletter are the following:


  • Overview of the project;
  • The Virus team;
  • Project meeting hosted by Agro-Know and
  • Upcoming related Conferences.

Of course we were happy to read the short report from the last project meeting hosted by Agro-Know in our offices between August 29 & September 1, 2014, which gave us the opportunity to meet the project partners and discuss the next steps.

The next issue of the newsletter is expected to provide information on the landing page for the project that Agro-Know is currently (and proudly) working on!… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know goes Terra Madre 2014


GreenLearningNetwork_logoAs far as I remember myself working for Agro-Know (since early 2010), autumn was usually the busiest period of the year including the preparation of deliverables, review meetings and trips; a lot of them! In this context, my colleague Katerina Galani is currently at the lovely Pollenzo, Bra, Italy, participating in the 3rd Transnational meeting of the Green Learning Network project, which takes place between October 21-23, 2014. Agro-Know is one of the project partners of GLN and never misses an opportunity to actively participate in the project meetings.

It is not the first time that Agro-Know visits Pollenzo, this small, beautiful traditional village; it was back in 2012 when Agro-Know (with a little help from our friends and support from various related EU projects) organized Green Ideas 2012 there along with the Workshop on Agricultural Education, Methods, Practices & Technologies, a combination of green educational and creativity activities.… Click to read the full post

agINFRA 6th project meeting

agINFRA_logo_newThe 6th meeting of the agINFRA project was organized by Agro-Know and took place between 11-13/6/2014 at the premises of the Apivita Experience store (Hippocrates Lecture Hall), in the center of Athens, Greece. In this relaxing and refreshing environment, the project partners had the opportunity to meet a few months before the end of the project and discuss about the ongoing work, the pending issues and the necessary revisions to be made in some of the planned activities and aspects, based on the feedback received in the meantime.

Skipping the details, I personally found really interesting the introduction of some new case studies which were presented, based on the requirements identified and collected during the previous months.… Click to read the full post

Herbal.Mednet 3rd project meeting


On the 5th to the 7th of February the 3rd Herbal.Mednet project meeting took place in Rome, Italy. The meeting was hosted in the beautiful premises of Città dell’Altra Economia (CAE), located in the area of the old slaughter house and a place that has been transformed into a cultural and alternative center in Rome with museums, university buildings and others also being there.

The meeting was scheduled to discuss the current status of the Herbal.Mednet project and align our work for the preparation and the organization of the training workshops that are soon to take place. All partners where represented in the meeting, including the new Italian partners, Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica (AIAB), even though they still wait for the formal approval for their participation.… Click to read the full post

agINFRA 5th project meeting


agINFRA_logo_newThe agINFRA 5th project meeting took place during the 15th and 16th of January 2014. The meeting was hosted at the Computer and Automation Research InstituteHungarian Academy of Sciences (SZTAKI) premises in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary and the AK team was represented by Nikos Manolis. It seems that the project loves Budapest, as a lot of agINFRA related events take place there; of course it is convenient thanks to its location and easily accessible from most European capitals, SZTAKI has proven to be an excellent host and of course the city itself is lovely!

With agINFRA project having not only European but also international partners, the meeting was a great opportunity for the project’s partners to come together and discuss for the project plan over the next year.… Click to read the full post

Organic.Lingua 7th Project meeting


The 7th (and final) project meeting of the Organic.Lingua project took place between 15-17 of January 2014 at the lovely premises of the newly built Library of Birmingham, hosted by BCU. Just one month before the end of the project, the consortium had an opportunity to meet for the last time and coordinate on the final details before the end of the project and the upcoming final review meeting (to be held in Luxembourg by the end of April 2014). The K-C team could not physically attend the meeting; however, Christoph and Dominik participated through Skype video calls when needed (focusing on the sessions on the UGC widget and recommendation service) and thanks to the facilities of the meeting room their participation was smooth.… Click to read the full post