Α short report from the RDA’s IGAD pre-meeting

The 9th Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 5 to 7 April 2017. The RDA Plenary Meetings constitute a major event where more than 4000 members from 100 countries come together to discuss, develop and promote data-sharing and data-driven research infrastructure through Working and Interest Groups.rda_igad_premeeting The Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) pre-meeting took place just a couple of days before the 9th RDA plenary meeting, from 3 to 4 April 2017 and attracted more than 100 participants from all over the world.
The first day the IGAD pre-meeting included presentations related to the topics of agrisemantics, data interoperability, data sharing, as well as capacity development.… Click to read the full post

Big data in Europe calls on Agro-Know


We have been following Big Data Europe since its early stages, learning about the recent advances and trends in big data by prestigious partners like Fraunhofer (yes, the guys that invented MP3). We got more and more involved in this flagship big data initiative for Europe, sharing our understanding of data-related challenges in the agri-food sector, what kind of big data our communities work with, and how cutting edge solutions using big data analytics may be developed to serve their needs.

This is the time to take an important step forward: and beautiful Paris is the place where this will happen.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know at the Wheat Data Interoperability Group meeting

Wheat Data WG_logo

Wheat Data WG_logoThe Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group is one of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) groups that Agro-Know actively supports and contributes to.  Just a couple of months before the 6th RDA plenary which will take place between 23-25 September 2015 in Paris, France, the group organized a face to face meeting at INRA premises, Versailles, France. The Wheat Group meeting is taking place between 29-30 of June 2015 (so practically today and tomorrow) and our colleague Charalampos (Babis) Thanopoulos is already in Versailles, attending the meeting.

Babis will present a newly proposed Agro-Know contribution to the group; it refers to the mapping of people (researchers) and organizations (among others) that are activated in wheat research at a global level.… Click to read the full post

Investigating engagement in Research Data Alliance at a regional level


The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a global network that aims to “build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data“. Participation in the RDA is open to anyone who agrees to the RDA principles. Scientists come together through focused Working Groups, exploratory Interest Groups to exchange knowledge, share discoveries, discuss barriers and potential solutions, explore and define policies and test as well as harmonise standards to enhance and facilitate global data sharing. RDA Plenaries are held every six months in different places around the world, allowing participants to get involved in interesting discussions, get up-to-date with advances in their own research fields and identify opportunities for transdisciplinary collaborations.… Click to read the full post

A teaser from the RDA 5th Plenary Meeting

Giorgos with RDA participants

The 5th Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) is taking place at San Diego, CA, USA between 9-11 of March 2015. Following the tradition, Agro-Know is represented for once more at this great event by our colleague Giorgos Papoutsis, our  Data Ingestion Associate who is participating as a representative of the Big Data Europe Η2020 Project and he will focus his contributions to the Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group meeting, where he will present the case of the agINFRA project as a mean for connecting agricultural data through an open and participatory data infrastructure. It should be noted that Giorgos is also actively involved in the data ingestion processes of AGRIS.… Click to read the full post

Short report from the RDA Fourth Plenary Meeting


The Fourth Plenary Meeting of RDA took place between 22 – 24 of September 2014 at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, while on the 21st and between 24-26 September a number of related, co-located events also took place. I had the opportunity not only to attend the plenary meeting and satellite events but also to participate in the agINFRA WP leaders meeting, which took place on the 25th of September. You can find the program of the plenary meeting here.

As expected, my participation was focused on the two groups of agricultural interest: the Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group & the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group.… Click to read the full post

RDA 3rd Plenary Meeting – Day 2

The RDA special menu

Day 2 of the RDA 3rd Plenary Meeting started with new discussions and introductions between new partners.


Plenary Session

Among the interesting presentations/speeches, I specifically enjoyed the presentation from Dr. Tony Hey, Vice President of Microsoft Research Connections. He discussed about Open Data and Open Science, the use of the MS Tools for using Big Data for Modeling, Azure Cloud Services etc., providing a practical perspective to his ideas. You can view the recoding here.

Another really interesting and useful presentation came later from Beth Plale on the RDA structure in IG/WG and the work done into restructuring the RDA, filling the gaps and taking care of overlapping.

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RDA 3rd Plenary Meeting – Day 1

Just before the launch of the 3rd RDA Plenary Meeting

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) took place between 26-28/3/2014 in Dublin Ireland. It was my 2nd participation in a row to an RDA plenary meeting and I managed to organize my trip (even at the last moment) and be there. It was not an easy trip, as I had to travel to Dublin from Athens on a Greek national holiday/celebration but still it had to be done. The trip itself was nice, reaching Dublin through Copenhagen (with SAS) and on my way back reaching Athens through Frankfurt with Lufthansa. It was my first time in Dublin but due to the packed schedule of the meeting and the moody weather I did not get to see anything outside my 20 min walk from the hotel to the meeting place (at lovely Croke Park) and back.

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Some thoughts on linking data sources


Agriculture and silos are two terms which play nice together, when referring to agricultural products; silos provide a nice mean of storing large volumes of harvested crops and provide a controlled environment for their post-harvesting management. However, when referring to agricultural data, one may safely claim that the data silos are dead. In fact, they exist but it is only a matter of time before they are either linked with existing backbones or they eventually disappear. Nikos Manouselis has already presented this “data silos” issue very nicely in a really interesting presentation – don’t you agree?



Let me express my personal experiences here: My first contact with EU funded educational and research projects was the Organic.Edunet eContentPlus project, which managed to create a network of content providers on organic agriculture, agroecology and other green topics.… Click to read the full post

Towards a data-powered world: should we expect the agri-food sector to change?

Guess who else was interested in the G-8 event...

There has been quite a discussion during the past few months on the way that the big data trend and evolution is going to change the sector that we work with. During 2013, our work that was very traditionally described as “agricultural knowledge management” and that sounded extremely uninteresting to several people, has suddenly become part of a hype. Some of the things that have served as catalysts include:

a) The decision that the G-8 Summit took in 2012, to commit to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, as the next phase of a shared commitment to achieving global food security.… Click to read the full post