Who is who in agricultural research?


We are always very happy to have visitors from collaborating organisations and work together with them on a challenging task. This was the case of Miaoling Chai visit from our strategic AGRIS partner namely Chinese Academy of Sciences. We worked on defining a process for the disambiguation of authors in AGRIS.

But wait a minute. What exactly is the problem of author disambiguation?

As indicated by analytics of FAO AGRIS, in many cases people are searching for publications using authors’ name. This calls for a search engine that will be able to understand the variations of an author’s name but also to distinguish between authors with similar names.… Click to read the full post

Using DSpace for Agricultural Knowledge Sharing: An Interview with Alan Orth


A couple of weeks ago, the AIMS team organized a really interested webinar in the Webinars@AIMS series: it was titled Maximizing the impact of institutional knowledge using DSpace and it was delivered by Alan Orth, Linux systems administrator at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), one of the fifteen (15) CGIAR Centers. However, Alan’s role is not limited to technically support the research computing platform; he also manages CGSpace, Alan_Ortha customized DSpace instance that acts as the institutional repository not only for the research publications of ILRI but also for many other CGIAR research institutions and their partners.… Click to read the full post

Be among the first ones that will get a free micro-site for their journals!


A very hot August is almost round the corner, but Agro-Know is in full throttle working on the next release of our AKstem.com product. Our team is working on a service that will automatically set up a customised micro-site for institutions that make their bibliography available through AKstem to channels like FAO’s AGRIS.

We want to provide to agriculture, food and forestry journals with a simple and intuitive way to present their content to interested audiences, helping the process of searching and navigating through the publications.

We do so by setting up a dedicated micro-site that presents access to the publications of a specific journal or publisher.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know at the CLORA Thematic Day on “Open Access to Research Data“

CLORA network logo

CLORA network logoCLORA (Club des Organismes de Recherche Associés) is a network of French research organizations, such as public research centres and universities. It has been set up to facilitate the actions of the French public research stakeholders towards the EU institutions, in the fields of research, technology, innovation and training. The network aims at enabling a better understanding of the EU programmes and policies in which its members have an interest. In this context, the CLORA website can be used as a portal to a whole range of relevant information sources in the areas of research, technology, innovation and training.

On the 24th of March 2015, the CLORA network organizes a thematic day on “Open Access to research data“.… Click to read the full post

AGRIS Strategy Meeting Days 2 and 3


Tuesday 10/03/2015 and Wednesday 11/03/2015  at Agro-Know Offices

Tuesday and Wednesday were two days full of tech discussions. Our AGRIS’ Teams from UN FAO, CAAS and Agro-Know, gathered to share ideas and resolve some issues concerning the AGRIS web platform.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to what users need from the AGRIS interface. Many users expressed (in AGRIS survey) the desire to keep track of the records they search and retrieve, it is easier to search in an oriented area of personally stored information than to do the process of searching from scratch, every time information is needed to be recalled.… Click to read the full post