Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy



As promised some three weeks ago, another book was read and will not be reviewed! This time I had the pleasure of reading the “Blue Ocean Strategy” that as its subtitle promises, will help its readers “create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant“! This was quite a promise and an eye-opener for me when I first came across this book and I have to say that for sure the book delivers on its promise!

First of all, allow me to copy part of the dedicated wiki page so that you know what this book is about at a glance. … Click to read the full post

Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups

On Thursday, 22/5, Agro-Know attended the event “Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups”! This was an event that was co-organized by Metavallon and EIT ICT Labs, aiming to give to a group of Greek Startups the opportunity to pitch their efforts in front of a Greek and international team of experts, and to apply for a dynamic startup training session in Europe. The session started with a presentation of the work carried out by EIT ICT Labs, by Roberto Saracco. One message that I kept from Mr Saracco’s talk was that Europe is more about creating research and theory, instead of generating money and creating products for the market.… Click to read the full post

Workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship


Last Friday (7/3) I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship, organized by Cognitive Space. The event was a success, as many young entrepreneurs showed up, eager to work with ideas for start-ups but also to share experiences and learn about the tricks of being in the “trade” of a start-up. The event revolved around a nicely structured presentation that was split in parts. In the end of each part, enough time was given to the groups to carry out a task based on the input from the presentation. Alexis and Dimitris (our two facilitators!) emphasized on the concept of being an “entrepreneur by choice” and not by need!Click to read the full post