Hire The Boss (to do your dirty blog analytics job)

That's the story, morning glory.

It was almost a year ago when I challenged Agro-Know’ers to do something that was considered unthinkable and unspeakable: to Hire The Boss to do their dirty jobs. Despite my mythical blog post on this, people still look at me in a strange way and laugh when I knock on their doors to get hired. Although about 10 people have already hired me for about half a day to do something for them that completely tires or bores them, it still seems that there are team members that are not really convinced that I can deliver some serious work if they hire me. … Click to read the full post

The Agro-Know blog celebrates its first year: Achievements & Challenges

The Agro-Know blog is now one year old! It started as an idea more than one year ago, by the end of November 2013, after a relaxed discussion between Nikos Manouselis (Agro-Know CEO) and me over a cup of coffee in a cafe near the Agro-Know offices. We discussed about how useful it would be for us to find a way to expose all these nice things that we are working on in Agro-Know and since I had some experience in blogging (I have been blogging since 2007 for personal purposes and 2011 for professional ones) I was the perfect candidate for this exercise.… Click to read the full post