International buffet – AmbassadorS of the value “Learn, Develop, Grow”


On Friday, May 30th, a very nice event took place here in AK offices. We organized an international buffet consisted by dishes made by all Agro-Know team. Each dish a different story. We all learned from the dish of the other and I have to admit that all of them were delicious; both the savoury and the sweet ones. And as 1 picture is 1000 words you can check it by yourselves:



Combined with this buffet, we also voted for the ambassador of the value of the month “Learn, Develop, Grow”. This time there was not 1 or 2 but 5 ambassadors!… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know Values: the story & the value of the month

Let me start with bit of pre-history. A little more than three years ago Agro-Know family found its new permanent “laaarge” home (I put quotes because we don’t fit there anymore) . Day by day, month by month the AK family was growing. It was obtaining all the usual attributes of the corporate family – defined job positions, teams and departments, organizational structure, rules here and there… You can read about our organizational changes and structure in the earlier post. Still one of the bright characteristics of AK always was quite a flexible atmosphere without much need for formal discussions and meetings, despite of hard-working schedule. … Click to read the full post

On culture and values

From what I read in Wikipedia, the term “culture” is a modern concept that was first used in classical antiquity by the Roman orator Cicero as “cultura animi” or the cultivation of the soul. Being a Greek, I assume that I should know everything about “culture” and all its meanings – but I was so much surprised by the way that the term is used in corporate environments.

My surprise was rather positive: I was impressed by the way Zappos is proud of its unique culture and the underlying core values that define and cultivate it. I was reading a book on the Zappos experience and found out that these guys have gone way beyond simply documenting and articulating their culture in a clear way: they have transformed it into a whole Delivering Happiness Movement (that came out from a same-titled book).… Click to read the full post