Open data worldwide: The road is open – the challenge is ahead

We often refer to open access and open data through our projects, events and other activities. For example, AK-related projects like agINFRA and SemaGrow are working on open and linked agricultural data of various types and formats, a task that has proven to be hard but not impossible, even at large scales (and this is where SemaGrow shines!). Only during the last months, a high number of Conferences focusing on open access, open and linked data took place both in Greece in the context of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union (like the European Data Forum 2014, SEMIC 2014ICRI 2014 and of course the joint OpenAIRE/COAR Conference) as well as at global level, such as the Open Repositories 2014 Conference in Helsinki, Finland and the SPARC 2014 Conference at Kansas City, USA, just to name a few.… Click to read the full post